About Our Company

About Our Company
About Us

Wholesale Frozen
Food Distributor

With over 50+ years of combined food industry experience, we provide our clients with financing, logistics, documentation and food safety solutions. We can also offer co-packing opprtunities.

Specializing in frozen fruits, frozen vegetables and juices, we can supply any demand — from value-added products in the retail space to bulk packed products in the industrial space.

All items are available in conventional and organic formats.


Agriculture meets the power of technology to bring you the finest quality frozen fruits and vegetables.

Food Safety and Quality Compliance Team

Ensuring the safety and quality of our products is at the core of our values. We have a dedicated team of professionals relentlessly monitoring, assessing, and updating our food safety and quality compliance procedures. They stay at the forefront of global standards for food safety and adapt to meet the requirements of the most stringent international marketplaces and specifications. It’s through their steadfast efforts that we maintain our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality products.

Dedicated Operations & Logistics Team

Our operations and logistics team form the backbone of our company. Their commitment to precision and timely delivery is unmatched. They work relentlessly, around the clock, to ensure that our customers’ requirements are met and surpassed. Their expertise, dedication, and competitive spirit have made us a reliable partner to our clients worldwide.

Energetic Sales Team

We understand that today’s global and socio-economic environment is challenging. That’s where our sales team shines, taking on these challenges with unyielding energy and forward-thinking strategies. Their robust network of industry contacts and unflappable resolve empower them to devise solutions that not only meet the current market demands but also anticipate future trends. They are our beacon, guiding us confidently through the dynamic landscape of the industry.

Astute Finance Team

Our financial team is our safeguard, ensuring the financial robustness of our operations. Adhering to the best industry practices of risk assessment, they offer credit opportunities while safeguarding our company’s financial health. They are not just number crunchers; they’re strategic advisors, a dedicated group of professionals who understand the market dynamics and economic trends, helping us navigate financial decisions with ease.

Seasoned Leadership

At the helm of our operations, we have a team of experienced executives who bring decades of deep-seated knowledge and understanding of the frozen fruits and vegetables industry. Their leadership has fostered a culture of innovation and uncompromising quality, instilling our entire team with a strong sense of purpose and responsibility. This has been our cornerstone in building a resilient company, enabling us to withstand the ebbs and flows of the global marketplace.


Steve Mullin


Paul Gibis


Sabrina Theriault


Nick Tristram

Sales Manager


Jennifer Anwar

Operations Manager


Mark Cesari

Account Manager

Robin Quax

Account Manager

Hugo Torres

Account Manager

Jaida Leheta

Account Manager

Igor Levitan

Account Manager

Gonzalo Rouillon

Account Manager

Yadira Morales

Customer Service Coordinator


Katrine Millette

Food Safety Manager

Gurpreet Kaur

Documentation Coordinator


Melinda Epps

Logistics Coordinator

Chi-Kwun Chung

Logistics Coordinator

Lorenza Maldonado

Logistics Coordinator

Mathias Rosemberg

Logistics Coordinator


Nicolas Cuillerier

Senior Accountant

Jimmy Larocque

Accounting Clerk


Brandon McVicar

Network Administrator

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